Hulu, HBO, Pandora Coming To Chromecast

The $35 TV dongle that Google introduced last month, Chromecast, came into the market with a very low price tag, a fascinating mobile-to-TV distribution model, but a dearth of actual content. The search giant means to strengthen that weak link in short order. According to a report at Bloomberg, Hulu as well as HBO will be making its mobile apps compatible with the Chromecast platform. In addition, Google has said that Pandora will also be supported soon.

Chromecast came to market with support only for YouTube, Netflix and Google Play. The system allows users of these mobile apps to transfer the video stream to their TV. Apps that directly support the video transfer enjoy much higher resolutions and performance. Adding these popular mobile apps to the portfolio considerably strengthens the devices that are positioning against over the top competitors from Apple and Roku.

Both Hulu Plus and HBO Go require subscriptions to their respective services to access video on mobile devices. Hulu has about 4 million paid users who pay eight dollars a month. HBO Go is available to any of HBO's more than 28 million U.S. subscribers.

A battle over content clearly is brewing between Google and Apple. Apple TV has recently expanded its offerings of content providers to include HBO Go, Sky TV, ESPN and others. The two companies are pursuing different delivery models as they try to edge their way onto the TV. Apple TV is a set-top box with apps, while Chromecast relies on apps that are present on mobile devices to which the dongle connects. 

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  1. Jeffrey Hardy from FilmProfit, LLC, August 5, 2013 at 9:51 a.m.

    Hmmm. I think one only need analyze the debut of the device, with across the board sell-out of the Chromecast, and you see the nature of the pent-up demand among those in the majority who do not live inside an Apple bubble. Making this whole thing of device to tv easier is not an entire platform play. People seek a solution, not an entire ecosystem. Apple only has an interest in ecosystem plays, and thereby will always be more of a niche player. Having a successful phone did not secure Nokia's future, or RIM's. You have to be constantly focused on solutions. Chromecast is a simple and inexpensive solution.

  2. Karma Martell from KarmaCom Inc., August 5, 2013 at 12:09 p.m.

    Jeffrey is right on the money.

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