Subaru Shows Sweet Side To Running Out Of Gas

subaruThe latest ads for Subaru’s “Love” campaign are adorably sweet, like the previous spots. In “The Date,” a couple make some impromptu stops while driving down a long, isolated road. They drink milkshakes, converse and stop at a farmer’s market. Turns out, it wasn’t really a date. The guy drove the woman to get gas for her truck. When the pair part ways, it’s almost sad. The good thing is, the woman wrote her number on the man’s trunk. Good thing he doesn’t keep the car too neat. See it here. In “Redressing Room,” a mom has a precocious toddler on her hands, who hates wearing clothes. When she’s not looking, his clothes come off. Wising up to his antics, Mom now keeps multiple outfits and shoes in the trunk, for unexpected birthday-suit moments. Watch it here. Carmichael Lynch created the campaign, directed by Lance Acord.
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