Millennium Updates Spot To Celebrate Prince Spaghetti's 100th Anniversary

  • September 9, 2013

Millennium Communications is helping New World Pasta celebrate the 100th anniversary of its Prince Spaghetti brand. Prince gained national visibility in 1969 with its "Anthony" TV spot, which ran for 13 years, proclaiming Wednesday as Prince Spaghetti Day. The new ad by Millennium, breaking this week in the Boston market, blends old with new by recreating the feel of the original ad with Anthony's mom calling out the window, shot in black and white, as well as color, updating the story of Anthony, the little boy from the original spot.

Prince will celebrate its anniversary in Boston with a series of special events, including the mayor proclaiming Sept. 4 as Prince Spaghetti Day. Food trucks will feature Prince Spaghetti, and promotions have been developed with the major food chains in the area. Besides the TV spot, Millennium created a microsite to support the promotion online. The agency is also handling social media outreach for the program.

New World Pasta also has brands such as Ronzoni and San Giorgio.



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