Aimee Soft Platform Encourages Marketers To Rethink Conversions

Israel-based Aimee Soft will introduce Tuesday a predictive analytics and business intelligence platform it hopes will make marketers think differently about the behavior of consumers visiting brand Web sites.

Officially launching with an unnamed international airline, Aimee On-Site Campaign Management integrates first- and third-party data, along with a list of company goals and targets, per Noam Zeigerson, Aimee CEO and founder.

The technology integrates into the brand's Web site, learning with each consumer interaction. Rather than focus on the imminent conversion, the technology engineers the lifetime value of the visitor based on predefined business metrics and determines the content to serve up.

"You're not just analyzing the behavior and the predictions of consumers visiting your site, but a variety of marketing campaigns and contributions to the business," he said. "Don't just predict the behavior of consumers, but think about the possible contribution or outcome each consumer brings to company's business goals."

Zeigerson believes marketers need to work backward -- to determine what consumers might contribute to the company, and serve them the best content based on that contribution. During initial tests, clients saw an average of 17% increase in revenue within the first month -- up about 30% within the first three months, Zeigerson said.

Marketers can integrate the self-service on-site campaign management tool within hours without involving IT. The data it uses includes weather conditions, day of the week, and time of day.

The platform uses digital adaptive marketing technology, advanced behavioral prediction models integrated with business intelligence. It scans and analyzes site-side data, anonymizes search intent data and other industry data sources, and uses proprietary predictive analytics technology to serve each site visitor the messages.

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