NEW! Let Burlington Speak For Your Style

burlingtoncoatfactoryBurlington has rebranded with a pair of national TV spots under the "Style Says it For You" umbrella. Previously known as Burlington Coat Factory and a dominant discount retail coat store, the brand has now grown its business in the ladies, men’s and kid’s apparel categories. Debut spots take a lighthearted look at why shoppers should let their clothes do the talking. In the first ad, seen here, a woman admits her love of craft while shopping in a craft store, a man brags about his style sense as he sits in a child’s preschool chair and a woman breaks out into karaoke while she fills her buffet plate. The second ad features stylish people making awkward announcements in public, to complete strangers. Like the woman who tells everyone in a vet’s waiting room that she’s a born entertainer or the lady that decides to use her winning smile on two women in a bathroom. TMI! Watch it here. Silver + Partners created the campaign, directed by Harold Einstein.
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