McDonald's Ties Into NFL App for Mighty Wings

McDonald’s kicks off a Mighty Wings promotion this Monday offering an enhanced gaming experience for a new NFL mobile app. 

Mighty Wings boxes and select cups will carry codes that unlock power-ups on the NFL Runner: Football Dash, a new free download from the App Store  and on Google Play

“McDonald's customers and NFL fans share a passion for fun, exciting experiences and this game brings our customers one step closer to NFL action,” says Barbara Fitzgerald, director of marketing, McDonald’s USA.  

NFL Runner, created by mobile games company Pocket Gems and MunkyFun, is the first NFL-themed endless runner game. Players join their favorite NFL team and compete against other NFL teams’ scores. They grab collectibles and power-ups on their run down the field.



“The collaboration between the NFL, Pocket Gems and McDonald’s will make NFL Runner an innovative and fun new way for our fans to connect with their favorite team,” says David Healy, director of media strategy for NFL. 

According to Flurry Analytics, which tracks mobile activity, middle-aged Gen X consumers who grew up with gaming consoles drive the most usage of gaming apps. Millennials are attracted to sports.

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