Putting The 'TV' In Adap.tv: 'Audience Anywhere' Puts Pipes In Place For Programmatic TV Buying

AOL Networks' Adap.tv is expected to announce Tuesday that the piping is now in place for programmatic TV buying on Adap.tv's media buying and selling platforms via Audience Anywhere. In addition to digital, the new Audience Anywhere toolset will allow publishers and advertisers to use programmatic technologies for mobile and traditional television advertising.

The mobile component of Audience Anywhere is live, but the TV offering is still being finalized. Teg Grenager, co-founder and chief product officer of Adap.tv, said that the TV partners will be announced at a later date. However, he confirmed that "there's very real stuff" when it comes to Adap.tv bringing programmatic technologies to traditional TV buying.

"The critical point here is that we want to position for people that we aren't thinking of our platform as just for Web video," Grenager said. He noted that the idea is to make Adap.tv a single platform for all video buys. Audience Anywhere is aptly named, as it is meant to allow video publishers and advertisers to target audiences from any screen.

While Audience Anywhere will work on both Adap.tv's buy- and sell-side platforms, Grenager hinted that at launch, the TV component might be better suited for buyers simply because of the nature of buying and targeting audiences for multi-screen campaigns during a campaign's planning stages.

In addition, Magna Global clients will be able to measure across screens, including TV, tablet, mobile, and online, thanks to their recently announced partnership with Adap.tv.

The Audience Anywhere mobile offering will work on devices supporting updated iOS, Android, and HTML5.

More news on Adap.tv's foray into traditional TV is expected within a month. The company's President, Toby Gabriner, is also expected to speak about Audience Anywhere at the AOL Programmatic Upfront event on Monday.

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