Time Warner Cable Creates Marketing Unit: TWC Media Ads Everywhere

Time Warner Cable has started up a new unit where marketers can customize their messages in live programming across multiple platforms.

The new unit called TWC Media Ads Everywhere will allow marketers to target brand messages across more than 50 cable networks. Time Warner Cable says this is the first multiscreen solution for iOS and Android devices, as well as desktops, to offer live ad insertion across a broad array of programming.

Initially, the unit will look to customize messages across linear TV networks and the Time Warner Cable TV app. This can access multiple demographic groups.

The promise is to reach consumers on screens where there is a “low-cluttered and dynamic environment," getting those messages to consumers whenever they want to extend brand awareness and recall for marketers.

Reports says in addition to linear and the Time Warner Cable TV app,  the company has developed versions for other platforms/devices, including Roku, Xbox 360 and Samsung smart TV models.

For a while now, TV distributors and content owners have looked to quicken the revenue growth of so-called TV Everywhere efforts, which allow consumers to access TV programming for free as long as they are already paying monthly subscriptions to multi-channel video programming distributors.

Critics say these efforts have been slow to develop.



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