NEW! Trolli Candy's 'Weirdly Awesome' Campaign

trolliTrolli's Sour Brite Crawlers launched a “Weirdly Awesome” campaign that began with a candy-filled piñata delivered to the MediaPost office. It's the brand's first national marketing campaign, and I can attest that it’s also a memorable one. The campaign targets kids age 12-17 with a Tumblr account and online videos that are as quirky and strange as the candy’s weird shapes. In “Best Friend Ever,” a lonely boy creates a best friend: a dog made of Trolli sour brite crawlers. The pair does everything together until a teenage boy grabs the head of the dog and starts eating. “Your best friend’s delicious,” says the teen. See it here. In “Manicorn,” a boy has a candy-shaped horn on his head that houses a cassette player that allows the boy to break out his dance moves at any given moment. Watch it here. Next comes the teenage boy who dresses, sounds and eats like a bird. See it here. The Aurora Trolli-Allis might be my favorite of the odd ads. The once a year-event is a way for two teem boys to wake up their mouths, aside from hitting themselves on the tongue. A jaunt outside shows the grass filled with glowing Trolli candies. Time to feast. Watch it here. Periscope created the campaign, directed by Dave Laden of Hungry Man and edited by Nick Rondeau of Arcade Edit.
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