iPhone 5C Gains Ground On 5S

Since launching a week ago, the iPhone 5S has proven much more popular than the lower-priced 5C. But the 5C is starting to gain some ground. Last weekend, it was being outsold by the flagship 5S by 3.4 times, but as of Thursday, that figure has decreased to 2.9 times, according to Localytics, based on tracking of new iPhone activations.

The 5S selling out until October, of course, has something to do with the candy-colored 5C making inroads. Across 12 major U.S. cities, San Francisco showed the highest preference for the 5S, which accounted for 85% of new activations, compared to 15% for the 5C.

New York makes up the largest share of active new iPhones overall, with 0.11%.

The iPhone 5S accounts for about 1.5% of all activated iPhones, and the 5C, about .05%.  Among carriers, AT&T represents 1% of all activated iPhones in the U.S., followed by Verizon, at 0.7%, 018% for Sprint and 0.07% for T-Mobile.

On Monday, Apple announced a record 9 million new iPhones had been sold during their opening weekend across the 11 countries where they launched including China.



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