Iams Promotes 'Shakeables' Via Online Video

Procter & Gamble’s Iams pet food brand is promoting its new “Shakeables” treats via an online video that shows a German Shepherd talking with his owner, who has played a practical joke on him.

Punk’d Puppy” was created by popular video producer Andrew Grantham, who is known for his Talking Animals viral videos.

The online video is the first full effort for the product, says Jason Taylor, external relations manager, P&G Pet Care.  

A short TV tag promoting Iams Shakeables — and calling on dog owners to “Keep Love Fun” — is currently running at the end of the TV spots.



The video is aimed consumers who are passionate about their pets, as they also tend to be intensely interested in animals within social media.

“Knowing that ‘talking animal’ videos like this are some of the most watched and shared online, this is the perfect opportunity for Iams to connect with consumers in an authentic way,” Taylor tells Marketing Daily.

Included the video content is a mechanism to help dogs and cats in need.  For every video view or hashtag share of #ShakeItForward through Dec. 31, Iams will donate a bowl of food to pets at select nonprofit animal shelters across the country – up to 250,000 meals.

We've heard from our Iams pet parents how much their dogs love Shakeables and the funny things they do to get one of these meaty treats,” Taylor says. “To highlight the fun and playful spirit that comes with Shakeables, we wanted to bring a bit of that to everyone in a unique, social way.”

The video shows what happens when there’s a “wild” Shakeables at the back door. Last year, Iams’ holiday collaboration with Grantham featuring singing animals had nearly 600,000 video views, Taylor adds.

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