Dems, GOP Voters Pick Favorite Brands

If your political affiliation is Republican in the U.S. you are less apt to strongly identify with the Fox News Channel as your top consumer brand this year.

The big TV cable network has been knocked down a few pegs as measured YouGov’s BrandIndex -- now in 11th place. Fox News Channel had been No. 1 in 2012.

The biggest consumer brand Republicans now identify with is The Sears Craftsman tool brand, which grabbed a 61.2% score. In second place is Lowe’s, at 58.9%. Johnson & Johnson is next at 57.2%, followed by Dawn at 54.9% and at  54.5%.

The biggest TV brand for Republicans now? The History Channel, which comes in seventh place with a 53.4%. Other top TV brands dropping out of high placings this year for the Republican-oriented include The “Fox” network brand and “Discovery Channel.”

For those leaning to the Democrat political affiliation, the top consumer brand in their eyes is Google, with a 58.1% score. Amazon is next at 57.3%, followed by Craftsman at 54.7%; Dawn at 51.7%; and Clorox rounding out the top five, with a 51.4% number.

The best TV network brand for Democrats: PBS, in seventh place, with a 49.1% score.

Amazon (55.5%), Craftsman (53.2%) and Johnson & Johnson (50.6%) score the top votes for those of Independent political affiliation. Two TV brands made their top 10 lists: History in seventh place (47.7%) and Discovery in tenth place (45.3%).

YouGov BrandIndex’s comes from 1,100 plus consumer brands  combines the average respondent scores for quality, value, general impression, satisfaction, reputation and willingness to recommend. All respondents were adults 18 and older



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