Send Those Branded Emails To Apple Devices

If the recipient has a mailbox, the correspondent doesn't care what kind of box it is, as long as it’s not locked. But if the mail is digital and the sender is a marketer, it makes a difference whether the inbox is on a tablet, smartphone, desktop computer, Apple or Android device. 

Marketing tech company Movable Ink says Apple devices in particular dominate when it comes to the percentage of people who open marketing emails from major brands.  

The firm's U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report says consumers are 15 times more likely to open brand emails on an iPad than on an Android tablet. Overall, 50% of brand-message respondents used an Apple smartphone or tablet, versus 10% for an Android smartphone or tablet, and 39.19% for desktop devices. 

And the study, garnered from Movable Ink’s Agile Email Marketing platform in the third quarter (and reflecting aggregate statistics across Movable Ink’s enterprise retail, travel, financial, media, and telecommunications marketers) shows that mobile devices lead desktops in the number of emails opened, with nearly two-thirds (61%) of all brand marketing email opens taking place on tablets and smartphones.

Apple dominates in smartphones, as iPhone represents 35.8% of total email opens. Android phones accounted for 9.4% of email opens this quarter, but its users actually spend more time viewing emails, with 53% spending 15 seconds or more per message versus 41% of iPhone users, per the firm.

Over 15% of emails were opened on a tablet device, and iPad use grew 10% over the last quarter, and now account for 14.3% of total email opens, per the study.

“This quarter's report shows that tablets are gaining momentum, quickly becoming a primary driver of email marketing conversions,” said Vivek Sharma, co-founder and chief executive officer of Movable Ink. “This should compel marketers to be innovative with their email marketing campaigns, with a strong focus on engaging mobile users. There is a huge opportunity to provide these users with offers that are as relevant as possible to where they are and what device they are using.”

Geographically, Texas is the most smartphone-friendly state, per the firm, which says over 53% of emails were opened on a smartphone there. By contrast, in large central and western states, excluding California, desktops prevail.

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