xAd Retargeting Mobile Users Based On Location, OOH Exposure

Mobile ad platform xAd this week announced a new retargeting tool that links out-of-home and mobile advertising based on location. The tool was developed in conjunction with out-of-home communications agency Posterscope.

The tool finds users that are at or near a Posterscope out-of-home ad, such as a billboard or poster. Marketers can then retarget those users with promotions, directions to the nearest store, etc.

Ray Rotolo, chief operating officer at Posterscope, called traditional audience and demographic profiles "abstract," and believes the new retargeting method is a "significant departure" from typical digital display advertising models.

Rotolo stated, "[I]t gives us the ability to identify prospects based on their real-world behaviors and intent."

In-store visits that come post-OOH exposure and post-retargeting are tracked. The companies write in the release that this is how Posterscope and their clients will measure campaign success.

This is the second tool announced this week that combines the out-of-home and mobile channels based on location. The other platform, from Verve Mobile and Vistar Media, links digital-out-of-home and mobile screen inventory and makes them available for programmatic buying.

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  1. Mike Skladony from Semcasting, Inc., November 1, 2013 at 2:22 p.m.

    How are they determining location of the phone? Long and Lats are inaccurate and IP Geo-Location tools get like a 25 mile radius at best....?

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