Syfy Takes Responsibility For Protecting Survey Data

During the past week, I've provided personal information like phone number and address to renew a driver's license, and make a purchase online. I willingly provided the information because it's required to conduct the transaction, and I think, or at least hope, the organization will keep it private. I'm a little bothered by the idea that companies might use that information to serve me ads, but using self-reported information continues to become more prevalent and, well, accepted.

Dana Ortiz, VP of brand marketing for cable channel Syfy, relies on mCAST from SessionM to target fans. The start-up offers a mobile loyalty and rewards platform that combines first-party data with self-reported survey data to target consumers with ads and deals.

The survey tool prompts consumers to answer questions about their lifestyles, brand preferences and shopping behaviors in exchange for mPOINTS built into hundreds of mobile apps. It augments first-party data such as information on registration, location, and reward redemption history.

The Syfy campaign was created to reignite interest in season five of  "Face Off." Fans received rewards for engaging with the promos. "Our big goal was to bring back the viewers, because we were off the air for quite some time," Ortiz said, noting that the campaign budget was small.

Ortiz said the channel's looking at the option to use the platform for at least two additional shows.



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