Holidays Are The Time To Teach Grandma Twitter

DoSomething.org (along with the AARP and Dailybreak Media) are looking to make the holidays a time of technological sharing among generations. 

Using Dailybreak’s gamified entertainment platform, the three parties have launched “Grandparents Gone Wired,” which encourages young adults to work with their grandparents (or other senior citizens) and teach them how to use things like e-mail, social media and other technological platforms. 

Created as part of DoSomething’s charter to make the Internet more accessible to more people, the effort is a way to use gamification elements to encourage interaction, says John Federman, CEO and chairman of Dailybreak Media. “It’s a call to action that it’s time to bring your grandparents to technology,” he tells Marketing Daily



Using Dailybreak Media’s platform, the parties participate in a trivia challenge about the development of various technologies. After completing the quiz, the campaign encourages to use Instagram to take and submit photos of the generations coming together to learn technology. (The photos will be entered into a sweepstakes to win prizes such as college scholarship money.)

“The idea is to make it approachable,” Federman says. “What we tried to do was create an experience.”

The program, which is being conducted in conjunction with the AARP’s “Mentor Up” effort bringing young people and seniors together for reverse mentoring opportunities, is being positioned as a way for generations to connect over the holidays Federman said.

“We needed a gamified, interactive platform to engage the target audience of 13- to 25-year-olds, whose lives essentially revolve around technology, the web and online gaming,” said Chloe Lee, marketing associate for DoSomething.org, in a statement. “Dailybreak Media’s solution and its impressive subscriber base made it a perfect fit.”

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  1. Leslie Nolen from The Radial Group, November 27, 2013 at 9:19 a.m.

    Yes, definitely, a "technology trivia quiz" will no doubt inspire "senior citizens" to accelerate their embrace of social tools and all things web.

    In our work with health and wellness businesses, we've certainly found that food trivia quizzes and fitness trivia quizzes greatly increase interest and adoption in healthy lifestyles.

    (Yep, that faint sploish you hear is the sarcasm dripping off my words.)

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