Do Twitter Users Know They Click On Ads?

CRT Capital Analyst Neil Doshi released numbers from a recent survey related to Twitter use at the MediaPost Search Insider Summit Tuesday. About 7,000 respondents participated. Of those, about 1,700 said they use Twitter.

When it comes to ads, 87% said the quality of ads on Twitter are the same or better as the quality of ads on Facebook, but 86% said they do not click on the ads. (Doshi said the ads are so native looking on Twitter that they might not realize they're clicking on them.)

Ironically, only 33% of people who use Twitter never tweet.

About 41% use it to get real news and information, and only 4% follow brands.  

Of the people who use Twitter, 36% don't know what to use it for.

The vast majority use it to follow celebrities.

While the most popular action is tweeting, 65% share videos and photos.

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