Big Uptick In TV Binge Viewing

Regular TV viewers who stream TV shows also are big when it comes to binge viewing.

Drawing from a Harris Interactive study, Netflix says of those who stream at least one TV show a week, 61% of this group also binge on TV shows regularly.

Binge viewing -- as defined by 73% of viewers who take part in the practice -- is viewing from two to six episodes of one TV series, such as Netflix's "House of Cards," at one sitting. This same percentage of viewers -- 73% -- also have “positive” feelings toward binge viewing.

Other data points: among those who stream multiple episodes of a TV series, 38% do it as a solo event. Another 51% prefer to watch with at least one other person. Just under 40% of TV streamers are patient TV viewers, preferring to wait to until another person is available to take part in the binging.

Almost all of those TV streamers -- 80% -- say they would rather stream a good TV show than read a friend's social media posts.

The online survey was conducted between Nov. 25 and 27, 2013 among 3,078 adults ages 18 and older, with 1,496 of those streaming TV shows at least once a week.



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