Mobile Capturing Consumer Online Sales

According to a recent report from Yesmail Interactive, 56% of mobile online sales originating from a marketing email take place on an iPad. Across industries, over 16% of sales driven by email happened on a mobile device. Of those mobile purchases, 56% happen on a tablet and the remainder on a smartphone. In the tablet category, iPads account for more than 99% of sales.

While the average dollar amount of an order originating from email is lower on mobile devices, revenue per mobile click is almost double that of a desktop click. By device, 82% of all email opens and clicks occur on Apple devices. Of smartphone purchases originating through email, 59% occur on an iPhone and the remainder on Android. iPads account for 25% of all mobile opens and clicks and almost 99% of opens and clicks on a tablet.

Michael Fisher, president of Yesmail Interactive, says “… Emails opened on mobile have a better chance of reaching consumers… during the busy holiday shopping season… ‘mobile’ doesn’t always equal ‘smartphone…. 56% of mobile shoppers use tablets for their purchases…”

Other mobile findings from the Yesmail Email Marketing Compass report include:

  • The iPhone accounts for 26% of mobile email purchases; Android smartphones for 18%.
  • The average dollar amount per order driven by email is $9 lower on a mobile device across industries ($78.96 on mobile versus $88.32 on desktops). For the retail industry, the gap shrinks to $2 ($58.64 versus $61.06)
  • Mobile shoppers are closer to purchase than desktop shoppers. Revenue per mobile click is almost double that of a desktop click ($7.14 vs. $3.26). While mobile emails are clicked less, they lead to purchase more often
  • the shift to mobile continues to accelerate. The number of email subscribers who view emails exclusively on their mobile device has increased by almost 50%. Simultaneously, the number of “hybrid” users, viewing emails on both desktop and mobile interchangeably, has decreased at roughly the same rate, by 50%.

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