More Ads Seen By VOD Viewers Than DVR Or Live TV

TV network executives will be happy to learn that homes with video-on-demand services continue to watch more of the commercials that run in TV programming.

Nielsen says video-on-demand TV viewers who view a 30-minute TV program watch an average total of 28 minutes -- programming and commercials. But those using a DVR to time-shift a show only watch 23 minutes of a 30-minute show; live TV viewers only take in 20 minutes of a half-hour show.

Looking at young viewers, 55% of commercial minutes were seen in non-live TV shows among 18- to-24-year-olds in video on-demand homes. This is in contrast to the 25% of commercial minutes seen when analyzing all of total TV viewing (live and time-shifted) among 18-24 viewers in VOD homes.

Nielsen notes that this is likely due to the fact that video-on-demand services do not allow fast-forwarding of commercials.

Among Netflix homes, 69.1% watch live TV versus those in non-Netflix homes with DVRs and Internet, who watch 80.5% live. Netflix is in 29% of U.S. TV homes.

Comparing Netflix homes and non-Netflix homes, viewing shares coming from DVR time-shifting are about the same. In Netflix homes, 10.4% of their TV time is from DVRs. In non-Netflix homes, their share of total TV-video is 9.2%.

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  1. Douglas Ferguson from College of Charleston, December 19, 2013 at 9:14 a.m.

    Really, Nielsen? You think it's because people are FORCED to watch VOD commercials that they "choose" to watch VOD commercials?

    I'm so glad executives are "happy" that viewers are coerced to participate in their quaint business model. Maybe they would be more successful with Clockwork Orange eyelid clamps, too.

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