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Justine Sacco Saga Led To No-no Real-Time Marketing Effort By Gogo

In-flight Internet provider Gogo is the latest company to try wedging itself into relevancy via Twitter and “real-time marketing.”

The opportunity was provided courtesy of Justine Sacco, and the Internet mob that formed shortly after a tweet she sent went viral.

In short: Sacco sent an insensitive tweet before boarding a plane for a long flight. While in flight, her tweet went viral, the masses got angry and she was unable to respond because she was on a plane without Internet.

You can see how Gogo thought they belonged in this conversation, so they sent a tweet and -- surprise, surprise -- found out they didn't. The following morning the company apologized to Sacco directly on Twitter.

The whole thing caused AllThingsD to ask the all-important question: “When will brands learn?”

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