2014: The Year Of 4K TV Content, Distribution

LAS VEGAS -- This year’s 4K TV announcements are all about content, production and distribution -- a shift from last year’s many product introductions of the new ultra HDTV sets.

At the Consumer Electronics Show here, Comcast Corp. said it would produce 4K Ultra High-Definition TV content for Samsung 4K TVs in 2014. In addition, Samsung announced other 4K content deal partners -- Netflix, DirecTV, M-GO and Amazon Instant Video.

Joining the effort where content providers are linking up with TV set manufacturers, Netflix says it will stream Ultra HD TV content over LG TVs in 2014. The new season of Netflix’s “House of Cards” has already been shot in 4K, available for streaming in 2014 on LG TVs.

In addition to Samsung, Amazon’s Amazon Instant Video is also working with Warner Bros, Lionsgate, 21th Century Fox and Discovery Communications, among others, for 4K content. Amazon has said all its new series comedies and dramas will be in the 4K format.

Comcast’s Xfinity TV customers with Samsung 4K TVs already can launch a 4K app directly on their TVs, allowing them to stream 4K produced movies and TV shows' content via the Internet. Comcast is also working with its programmers, including NBCUniversal, to provide a new library of 4K products for the new Xfinity TV 4K app



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