Netgear Shows Off Connectivity With New Identity

With connectivity becoming important in both the personal and professional lives of consumers, Netgear has created a refreshed brand identity to appeal to both markets at the same time. 

The company, known for its routers and connectivity devices, enlisted branding firm Siegel+Gale to develop an entire identity that reflects the company’s products as simple and accessible. 

“Like a lot of technology companies, [Netgear] is starting to see the lines blur  between the consumer and the small and medium business space,” Alyson Schonholz, group director for strategy and insights at Siegel+Gale, tells Marketing Daily. “How do you transition that into a true enterprise story?”

Working with the brand’s original logo, Siegel+Gale revamped everything surrounding it, including emphasizing the human element in photography and brighter colors in consumer communications. An important graphical element, Schonholz says, was using connecting points to emphasize the company’s overall mission. 



“What was important to the brand in both spaces was that as an organization, they have a singular focus on connectivity,” she says. “That led into the strategy of positioning Netgear as the enabler as connectivity.”

The new architecture extends beyond external communication into all aspects of the company’s product and development, including product design and the product setup process. Siegel+Gale helped launch the brand internally through training workshops, extensive messaging and design guidelines, print and on-screen templates and a signage system for Netgear’s offices across the globe.

“This was something that extended beyond communications to the entire experience,” Schonholz says.

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