TV Guide, CBSi Cross-Promote To Build Audience

TV Guide Magazine and CBS Interactive properties will be cross-promoting each entity.

TV Guide Magazine, owned by OpenGate Capital, has a license to publish worldwide. At the same time, CBS Corp. now holds the TV Guide trademark, as well as TV Guide Digital. CBS also co-owns the cable network’s TVGN with Lionsgate, formerly known at TV Guide Network.

In the deal, selected TV Guide Magazine content will be featured in a new section on CBS Interactive's and properties. At the same time, TV Guide Magazine subscriptions will also now be promoted in CBSi properties, including,, Metacritic, CNET, CHOW and GameSpot.

CBS Web sites collectively have more than 24 million monthly unique visitors; TV Guide has a total weekly audience of nearly 12 million.

“[The deal] also allows us to cost-effectively support our subscription business, which continues to serve millions of readers each week who are looking for trusted guidance about all things television," stated Jack Kliger, chief executive officer, TV Guide Magazine.

Eric Johnson, executive vice president/general manager of CBS Interactive's technology, games and media unit, noted that the "opportunity to integrate the magazine's editorial assets with our digital properties will help build audience."
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