Super Bowl Viewership Hits 105M, NFL, Kia Among Most-Watched Ads

Rentrak has released what it says is the first second-by-second analysis of the Super Bowl.

Rentrak's Ad Retention Index shows Super Bowl viewership climbed steadily to around 100 million through and into half-time, rising to around the 105 million level in the third and fourth quarter. Despite the blowout game between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos, with the Seahawks winning 43-8, audiences stayed.

Unlike other viewership analysis, Rentrak shows that half-time viewership dipped slightly versus the overall average viewership of the game.

The most-watched ads of the game were from, Kia, Audi, Coca-Cola and Nestle. Each had a 104 index compared to the average ratings of the entire game.

Rentrak says overall advertising exposure was nearly equal to viewership of the entire game.

Concerning social media, Rentrak notes Microsoft received the highest “chatter share” at 11.7%. After this came MetLife, 9.1%; Maserati, 5.6%; Doritos, 5.3%; Pepsi, 4.8%; Coca-Cola, 4.8%; the theatrical film, “Captain America,” 4.8%; Budweiser, 4.7%; another theatrical film “Transformers,” 4.1%; and SodaStream, 2.9%.

The social media data comes from the social-TV analytic company General Sentiment.



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