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Ameriprise Jumps On Olympics Bandwagon

Ameriprise Financial is once again enlisting actor Tommy Lee Jones as its stump person in its latest national ad campaign, which debuted during the Olympics.

The campaign, “Real Questions, Real Answers,” broke Feb. 8 during the Sochi Olympics. Featuring Jones in his third consecutive campaign with Ameriprise, the ads will highlight the firm’s exclusive “Confident Retirement” approach. R/GA and Initiative handed creative and media.

Jones raises the question and puts people on the spot to answer: Will you have enough money to last you in retirement? 

The spots, titled “Lifestyle” and “Outlive”, begin with Jones in a bustling public area asking challenging retirement questions such as “Can you keep your lifestyle in retirement?” and “In retirement, will you outlive your money?” The questions simultaneously unfurl on large banners behind him, attracting people’s attention.



Many of the respondents are uncertain about how to answer these questions, and Jones offers reassurance that there are answers, and that it’s smart to ask for help in finding them. The ads build on the Ameriprise brand by stressing the importance of a one-on-one relationship with a knowledgeable advisor who has the backing of a strong firm that has helped millions of people retire. 

“Our clients tell us that when they are truly engaged in an ongoing dialogue with their advisor, they feel better and more prepared,” said Kim Sharan, chief marketing officer and president of financial planning and wealth strategies at Ameriprise Financial, in a release. “Often, the first step to feeling more financially secure is asking the tough retirement questions. Our ‘Real Questions, Real Answers’ campaign brings this dynamic to life and underscores that we can help make planning for retirement simple and engaging.”

Ameriprise introduced the “Confident Retirement”strategy in June 2013 and implements it through the company’s financial advisors. The process pairs a strong framework with easy-to-use technology to help inspire conversation between clients and their advisors.

The approach leads clients to an understanding of their retirement needs based on their individual dreams and goals, and helps advisors figure out how to utilize their assets in retirement to help them achieve their expectations. In fact, 93% of Ameriprise clients who have gone through the “Confident Retirement” assessment feel more confident about their retirement.

The campaign also includes an interactive online experience called the 3-Minute Confident Retirementcheck. Visitors to the experience can answer a set of questions about their retirement preparedness to better understand where they have covered their bases, and to identify items that may be lingering on the retirement to-do list. They can also see how they compare with other Americans. The questions focus on covering essential and lifestyle expenses, preparing for the unexpected and leaving a legacy.

In addition to the Olympics, the media buy includes “Modern Family,” “CSI” and “The Quest” season premiere. Cable entertainment and news programs include CNBC, CNN, Fox News and a variety of lifestyle channels. A series of online ads will run on Web sites like CNN, The New York Times and Sports Illustrated, including home page takeovers and brand integration sponsorships.

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