Schneider Study Shows Millennials More Likely To Trust What They Read Online

Apparently, Millennials are more likely to believe what they read online than older folks.

According to a recent survey by Boston-based Schneider Associates and Portsmouth, NY-based Sentient Decision Science, Millennials are more likely to absorb information about new products from social media rather than TV. As opposed to older consumers, they're also less likely to rely on print media for information, instead placing a 'greater trust' in what they find online.

That said, Millennials haven't kicked their TVs to the curb -- or at least not yet. As with other generations, TV ranks as the No. 1 source of information about new products. But the survey also revealed that only about 50% of Millennial respondents cited TV as a top information source, compared with 70% or higher for other age groups.

Millennials apparently also are only half-watching, with many stating that they're often online when they have the TV on. And younger people are more apt to be watching TV through streaming channels rather than traditional cable providers.

Schneider and Sentient defined 'Millennials' as consumers between the ages of '18 and 30-something.' 



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