Perfect Audience Lets Advertisers Sync Google Merchant Accounts With FBX Campaigns

Perfect Audience, a self-serve software provider and Facebook Exchange (FBX) partner, has announced a new product that allows retailers to sync their Google Merchant accounts to FBX. The link means that advertisers will be able to show product-specific ads on Facebook using data already collected by their Google Merchant accounts.

As Perfect Audience is an FBX partner, the ads can be personalized -- bought via real-time bidding (RTB) -- and can appear on desktops on Facebook's right-hand sidebar and News Feed.

Brad Flora, the company’s CEO, said marketers “put a lot of time and effort into making sure the feed they send Google is great. That feed is being used for Google Product Listing ads, and now it can be easily ‘double-purposed’ for FBX retargeting. This saves time [because there’s] one less feed to worry about.”

While Perfect Audience’s offering has no spend requirements, Flora claims one client is spending over $150,000 per month and is seeing 800% ROI using the new product.



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