Bolthouse Farms Launches

Bolthouse Farms owns the majority of the beverage juice market, but less than half of the OMMA SXSW attendees Saturday admitted to knowing the brand after Pamela Naumes, director of brand engagement, asked for a show of hands.

In an effort to change that perception, Bolthouse Farms launched the site about two weeks ago to make consumers aware of the brand and call attention to poor vs. healthy food choices. The site pulls in Twitter hashtags and other social site mentions, monitoring what people talk about on social networks.

The brand also worked with the agency Tiny Rebellion to solve the business challenge of introducing consumers to the company's name. One campaign focused on six-second recipes of the products, including passion-orange margaritas and spice carrots placed on Vine.

Though the six-second clips were not the perfect formula, Bolthouse moved on to Instagram. Working with Wild Life, the brand built a photo recognition technology and built an API with the technology platform. Within 30 seconds of consumers uploading a photo, they would get back a 30% off coupon. This earned the brand 2.3 million free impressions.

Some 91% of the people who uploaded the image to Instagram printed a coupon, compared with the print rate for paid search, which fluctuates between 30% and 40%.

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