Meow Mix Cat Food Launches 'Catstarter'

Funding via Kickstarter, Indiegogo and similar groups is currently all the rage.

Now a cat food company is jumping on the crowdsourced funding bandwagon with the launch of Meow Mix Catstarter, the world’s first "catfunding" platform.

San Francisco-based EVB, Meow Mix’s agency, conceived the site. The difference between it and sites such as Kickstarter is that the Catstarter community isn’t responsible for financially backing the projects. Cat lovers can simply pick the ones their cats will like and back them with the click of a button.

Meow Mix Catstarter offers three clever cat innovations, including a cat bed shaped like a computer keyboard that's warmed by your keystrokes. Visitors to the site will get to pick their favorite projects and then get their friends to back them too. If they have an idea for another Castarter project, they can submit it to the site for the next wave of projects. Visitors to the site also can enter for a chance to win a limited edition winning product for their cats at home.



Later this spring, Meow Mix will fund production of the Catstarter project with the most backers.

This is the first time the brand team will build a device that will change the way cats eat, play and live for the better, with the help of pet parents, says Kimberly Rom, Big Heart Pet Brands senior brand manager, Meow Mix cat food.

“The interactive site was specifically created to solidify that special bond between cats and parents at mealtime and beyond, helping unite cat aficionados across the country,” Rom tells Marketing Daily.

The brand spoke with consumers to gain insight into the dynamic bond between cats and pet parents. As a result of the brand’s learnings, the Meow Mix team saw an opportunity for the project, she says.

“Meow Mix has always put cats and cat parents first,” she says. “For the first time, thanks to Meow Mix Catstarter, cat fans are in control and able to vote for the next great design.”

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