McDonald's Launches McGriddles Push

McDonald's has launched the latest salvo in the QSR breakfast wars, with a new campaign for one of its popular, staple breakfast items: McGriddle sandwiches.

The campaign follows McDonald's' two-week-long offer of a free cup of McCafe (which ended April 13), which began immediately after Taco Bell launched its aggressive breakfast menu push.

Actually, McDonalds's new TV/video creative pairs McGriddles, which were introduced in 2003, with its McCafe coffee, showing vignettes of folks who "take their coffee" with McGriddles. 

Another element in the campaign is a McGriddles-dedicated area on, featuring illustrations and copy on the theme "You know it's a McGriddles Morning..."  



These feature young adults — read Millennials — engaged in some morning activity, like driving or walking to work, or walking a dog. 

One reads: "You know it's a McGriddles Morning when you're late to work. Because your GPS has become self-aware and now wants breakfast." 

Another reads: "You know it's a McGriddles Morning when singing aloud in your car involves songs of love and devotion. To a sandwich."

Each illustrated scenario ends with the tagline:  "{Once you get a McGriddles, you'll get it.}"

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