EU Clicks Happen On Weekends, Purchases On Weekdays

If you are running a campaign with click-through rate as your No. 1 KPI, you may want to focus your efforts on advertising over the weekend.

If you want to sell something, try Monday through Friday instead.

New data from RTB House, an ad agency with its own real-time bidding (RTB) technology, says click-through rates are highest on Saturday and Sunday. The weekends have a click-through rate of 0.36%, while every other day of the week is at 0.34% or 0.35%. However, Saturday and Sunday are the two worst days of the week when it comes to conversion rates, according to RTB House.

The company says the majority of conversions take place on Monday -- 16.2% of them, to be exact. As the week progresses, so to do the conversion rates, bottoming out on Saturday, which sees 11.6% of the week’s conversions. Sunday sees 12.9%, which still trails all other days of the week save Saturday.



“Online buying trends seem to be influenced by new trends in the office,” stated Maciek Mikolajczak. “[A]s employees more frequently use Internet to check private emails, news, and other online resources during work hours, they increasingly come across digital ads and can devote a few moments for shopping also.”

The company says 8-9PM (0.40% rate) is the best hour when it comes to click-throughs. However, most purchases (6.64%) take place between 7-8PM. Those two figures are weekly aggregates.

The data comes from 450 RTB campaigns marketers ran through RTB House in 30 European different markets in February. The markets include Bulgaria, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and others.

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