MediaMath's New Japan Office Balances Equation

MediaMath on Thursday announced it has opened a new office in Tokyo to help support its Asia-Pacific (APAC) client growth. The move continues a recent -- albeit stretched out -- trend of large U.S. buying and selling platforms being drawn to the Japanese market.

Supply-side platform (SSP) Rubicon Project opened an office in Tokyo in February. PubMatic last week launched a SSP built specifically for the Japanese market. Rubicon and PubMatic are two of the biggest players on the sell-side of the programmatic equation.

Turn, a demand-side platform (DSP), opened an office in Japan last August. The entrance of MediaMath, another DSP, helps balance the playing field. 

It should be noted that MediaMath has been active in the Japanese market before. This may be the company’s first physical office in Japan, but it already has two data centers located in Tokyo. Yet the presence of an actual office strengthens what it can offer the region. 



“We are grateful to our partners and clients who have helped us to secure a strong presence in the Japanese market,” stated Erich Wasserman, MediaMath’s global chief revenue officer. “The opening of a Tokyo office enables us to create more visibility for the Mediamath brand, and allows our teams to tighten their relationships with clients and partners in the region….”

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