Taco Bell Launches Third Round Of Breakfast Spots

Five weeks after the launch of its new breakfast menu, Taco Bell has unleashed a third round of TV creative.

The latest three 30-second spots from Deustch LA feature "Harold & Lenny," two seniors who sit on a bench across from a Taco Bell, expressing cranky disapproval of the new-fangled breakfast items being eaten by young patrons, such as A.M. Crunchwraps and Waffle Tacos. In each spot, "Harold" is seen eating what appears to be an Egg McMuffin, or a lookalike.

In one spot, the two gripe that it looks like a "morning rave" is about to go down at the Taco Bell. "Next thing you know, they'll be twerkin', with their Waffle Tacos hanging out," says Harold (although it turns out that neither guy knows what a rave or twerking is). 



In "Slippery Slope," the two predict that eating Waffle Tacos will lead to reprehensible behavior like loitering or, worse, growing ponytails. 

In "One-Handed Breakfast," they complain that A.M. Crunchwraps are designed to let young people "do that tweeter thing they do" while eating. "Hashtagging their hash browns – unbelievable," gripes Harold.

The breakfast menu is the largest launch in Taco Bell's 52-year history, and the campaign is also its largest-ever. 

The first set of TV spots, showing real "Ronald McDonalds" giving the new breakfast items positive reviews, have drawn more than three million views on YouTube, according to the QSR. Those were followed by a spot showing a young adult being inspired by the new breakfast menu to "get with the times" — including dumping his mullet for a more contemporary haircut

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