Frigidaire Innovations Give Families More Time

In an era where everyone is feeling time-crunched, Frigidaire is positioning itself as the solution that can cut down on wasting time and increasing familial togetherness. 

“We know families are busier than ever and time is at a premium,” Eloise Hale, vice president of corporate communications, tells Marketing Daily about the brand’s new marketing campaign. “This new campaign demonstrates the impact our time-saving innovations have on family life.”

In a series of television commercials, the children of a busy family tell the story. In one spot, the kids directly address the camera, saying their new kitchen allows their parents to do things even faster. “So they can help us with our free throws,” says the youngest child, who then deposits a piece of trash in a garbage can from across the room. The spot concludes with the line, “Our time-saving legend continues.”

“To date, our campaigns have focused on these innovations from the perspective of the parents. In this campaign, we focus on the impact from the point of view of the children,” Hale says. “Whether it is improving a child’s jump shot or having the time to shuttle the team to and from practice, in the end we strive to give busy families time back to spend where it matters most --  with their families.”



The effort, which will run on national cable and broadcast networks, is meant to maintain Frigidaire’s brand promise of simple innovation, that is not “over-embellished or difficult to use,” Hale says. Thus, the current spots focus on the brand’s “Smudge-Proof” stainless steel, developed via company research that said 50% of consumers cited fingerprints as a “pain point” for stainless steel appliances.

“Frigidaire has been dedicated to delivering industry-first innovations … that make an impact on everyday family life,” Hale says. “Our primary focus is to give consumers time-saving innovations that provide them with the satisfaction of getting the results they want at home.”

The campaign, created by DDB, is targeted at families who are hoping to spend less time preparing, waiting and cleaning and more time together, Hale says. 

“Frigidaire consumers are looking for time-saving innovations that help them make the most of their time at home, ensuring they can spend their time where it matter most -- with family,” she says. “We believe this campaign will resonate with them as it is further proof that our time-saving innovations are designed to work harder, smarter and provide the ideal balance between simplicity, innovation and efficiency -- helping families make the most of their time at home.”

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