Facebook Expands App Developer Program

Among the batch of announcements Facebook made last month at its f8 conference was the launch of a program called FbStart. It provides mobile start-ups with a set of free tools and services for app development.
Facebook today announced it is opening up FbStart to developers worldwide that have iOS or Android apps that have been available for at least 30 days. Facebook says it will respond to applications, which only require filling out a simple form, within a few weeks.
“By providing mobile app developers with the essential services they need to get their businesses up and running—or to take them to the next stages of growth—Facebook hopes to help expand the overall app ecosystem,” the company stated.
If chosen, developers receive credits for Facebook advertising along with access to Parse, Facebook’s own app development platform. The initiative also includes free services and credits from FbStart partners to help with testing, recruiting, customer care and video conference, among other services.
Specifically, the program offers two tracks: Bootstrap, which provides $5,000 in free tools and services for apps that are just starting out; and Accelerate, a $30,000 assistance package for apps that are trying to grow and scale.
So far, more than a dozen partners are working with Facebook as part of FbStart, including Adobe, Desk.com, MailChip, SurveyMonkey and User Testing. Two more were named Wednesday: HootSuite and Transifex.

Facebook plans to continue expanding the roster of program partners.
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