PubMatic, xAd Team To Launch Location-Based Programmatic Marketplace For Mobile

In a bid to capitalize on two of the largest trends in advertising today -- mobile and programmatic -- sell-side platform (SSP) PubMatic has partnered with mobile ad platform xAd to launch a location-based marketplace for mobile advertising.

It's may be a mouthful, but it gives advertisers a place to exclusively buy ad inventory based on location. It also gives PubMatic’s publisher base an additional way to monetize mobile inventory.

Bob Walczak, GM of mobile and video at PubMatic, told RTM Daily that publishers will have the option to sell their inventory on an open market or through private marketplaces. The marketplace will feature both mobile Web and mobile application inventory.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in the mobile space,” Walczak said. “Location-based inventory is some of the most premium and valuable in mobile. It really leverages the device.”

The companies claim that at launch, the marketplace will feature 20 billion impressions per month. However, the companies believe the amount of inventory could double to 40 billion. The marketplace will house inventory from around the globe.

In an earlier statement, Walczak said PubMatic wanted to partner with xAd to created “a central source of location-oriented supply to the mobile industry.”

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