Run Unveils Mobile Attribution Tech Featuring Verizon Data

Run, a mobile demand-side platform (DSP), this week announced it has launched a “deterministic mobile attribution solution.” Run will use data from Verizon’s Precision Market Insights to help marketers better measure mobile campaigns.

The company has launched the solution, called Device Connect, to solve what it calls the in-app-to-mobile-Web attribution problem.

“When you ask the most influential agencies and brand executives about advertising on connected devices, they universally cite accurate measurement and attribution as the biggest reason why they are not investing more in mobile today,” remarked Seth Hittman, co-founder and CEO of Run, in a statement.

Device Connect has been beta tested over the past six months by Run and Verizon, per a release. The companies claim that campaigns that used Device Connect during beta saw a 90% increase in engagement compared to previous campaigns.

The launch of Device Connect is significant for Run because it represents the company’s shift from probabilistic to deterministic attribution.

“Previously, there were two options for mobile tracking,” a Run representative explained. The first option was working with a company like Facebook or Google because they had log-in data that could be used across screens. The other option was to work with a company that used statistical models (i.e. probabilistic).

“Run has invented a third option utilizing the carrier-level ID,” the rep said. Run is calling the third option "true ID."

“The fact is that true ID is the most powerful form of targeting and measurement,” stated Jason Askinasi, chief revenue officer at Run. Device Connect will use Verizon’s data to match consumers between mobile apps to the mobile Web.

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