Eyeota Brings Audience Segments To Programmatic Buyers In Australia

Eyeota, a data management firm for marketers across Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australia, has partnered with Roy Morgan Research, an Australia market research company.

Eyeota specializes in audience targeting, and has tapped Roy Morgan Research for its “Helix Personas” -- a tool used to create consumer segments. Per a release, Helix Personas “classify the Australian population into 56 Personas and 7 Communities" using a combination of first- and third-party data.

Through the partnership, the Helix Personas will be integrated into Eyeota’s platform. Trading desks and other buyers that use Eyeota will be able to use the Helix Personas for audience targeting when buying ads via programmatic. It marks the first time that advertisers will be able to use Roy Morgan Research datasets for programmatic campaigns.

“The Helix Personas data sets will improve campaign efficiency and effectiveness for advertisers,” stated Kevin Tan, CEO of Eyeota. “It expands the depth and breadth of the data available to our clients across Australia.”



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