Reel-Time In Cannes: Saatchi Makes Delegates 'Feel'

CANNES, FRANCE -- Interesting way to start the day here, by feeling.

Saatchi & Saatchi’s “New Directors Showcase,” which kicked off the Lions Festival this morning, began with some high-concept experiential performance art: moody music, lighting and women dressed in nurse-like outfits walking into the crowd at the Palais’ Grand Audi and placing biometric sensory wristbands on the delegates, as the screen and narrator prompted “Feel The Reel” over and over and over again.

Not sure what the attendees were feeling -- or if any of them were reeling after a night of celebrating -- but the set-up became clear, as a lead “nurse” explained the audience was about to participate in “our emotional experiment,” adding, “We are now ready to measure your biometric signals” in order to analyze their “emotional response” to a reel of emotionally infused advertising campaigns.

The reel began with Wren’s “First Kiss” video, featuring first-time kisses between 20 strangers and included “Walking Contest” and Bob Heymann’s interactive video interpretation of Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” and the following:





Grab Her

Rollin Wild

It's Not Porn, It's HBO!

Back To Me

Moving On

The Sacred Egg


Grotesque Photo Booth

Kid Wise Hope


Ghost Of A Smile

Conference Call In Real Life

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