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Pros And Cons Of Programmatic TV

  • Adweek, Tuesday, June 24, 2014 1:01 PM

Adweek has posted an article exploring the pros and cons of programmatic TV, first arguing that programmatic will take over TV, writing, “Who needs ratings when you can buy TV impressions? All you need is a defined audience, the ability to deliver an ad wherever a person is viewing and automation to deliver that ad millions of times across multiple channels. Those are the basics of a programmatic vision for television -- a vision that doesn’t care which show a viewer is tuned to but only who that viewer is.”

On the flip side, though, Adweek notes that “programmatic TV” doesn’t really have a definition.

“Part of the problem with talking about a programmatic revolution on TV is that not everyone is clear about what programmatic TV means,” Adweek writes, noting that what does currently exist in terms of “TV exchanges” does not offer “any over-the-air broadcast inventory.”



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