Survey Says: Women 55+ Skew In-Display Survey Results

New research from programmatic video ad platform TubeMogul suggests pre-roll surveys are better than in-display surveys when it comes to a broader collection of consumer sentiments.

TubeMogul ran a test using its own polling technology, which supports both display and pre-roll formats, to see how each format fares when it comes to polling consumers. The company found that over 50% of all display survey respondents were Female 55+.

When it comes to pre-roll surveys, the demographics of respondents more closely mirrors the U.S. census, though Males 18-34 are overrepresented and Males 35-54 are underrepresented.

The company also found that response rates are nearly 10 times higher for pre-roll surveys than in-display surveys (0.36% versus 0.04%).



However, it is more costly to run pre-roll surveys. TubeMogul notes that the average cost-per-response for in-display surveys was $1.16 while the average cost-per-response of pre-roll was 60% higher, or $1.86. “Marketers will have to decide for themselves if the increased cost can be justified by audience diversity and response speed,” wrote TubeMogul.

It needs to be noted that these findings could help TubeMogul. However, the company is not suggesting a complete abandonment of in-display surveys. It writes that the format can be a useful, especially for cost-constrained marketers, but warns that the targeting parameters should be "adjusted to account for the preponderance of older women who are more likely to respond.”

The company had over 300 respondents in total during the test, with "a slight skew toward more display respondents," per a TubeMogul representative.

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