New Bob Marley Video Project Seeks Fan Input

Tuff Gong International, Ben & Jerry's and social media platform Tongal are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Bob Marley's "Legend" with a cross-promotional project that seeks a brand-new music video for Bob Marley's "One Love."

"[We wanted a project] that honored the Marley legacy, included his millions of fans, created new content, and integrated a brand partner known for peace, love and fair trade that would generate a lot of interest around the world," says Dennis Wolfe, VP, Music Content & Partnerships, Tongal. "The One Love video project was born."

The initiative uses Tongal's social media platform that develops video content by crowdsourcing creative work through collaborative contests and is the first time Tongal has partnered a major artist with a major brand to create a new music video. Tuff Gong is Bob Marley's music label. Ben & Jerry's is sponsoring the project. The ice cream brand has long worked with musicians who share their values and has celebrated partnerships with edible tribute pints that help to fund social projects.

Under the project, fans are invited to submit ideas to create a new visual identity for the iconic 1977 track from Bob Marley and the Wailers via Tongal's website through July 1.

Entrants are encouraged to include themes of social connectedness, 'we're all in this together' and making the world a better place, all virtues that Marley professed throughout his distinguished career, according to the project's description. The website also includes suggestions and limitations, such as users are not allowed to use the Ben & Jerry's logo in their creations.

"When working with a global brand and a legendary, iconic artist, it is imperative that the intent of the project and the messaging surrounding it are in line with the values and missions of both parties," says Wolfe. "Tongal was very focused on ensuring that everyone felt comfortable and confident that these goals were achieved."

Then, selected ideas are collected into a pitch process where people submit their ideas on how to turn these concepts into reality. Lastly, pitch winners go into production and deliver their finished work by September 1. Additionally, anyone who wants to submit a video on spec to the competition is invited to create a Wildcard video.

The contest will award $15,000 in total; winning ideas will receive $250; pitch winners get $2,500; and final round video directors receive $9,000. 

There no word on when the premiere of the completed video will debut, but Tongal executives say they expect to introduce similar projects in the future.

"There are lots of opportunities to create content using this model, as long as the artist and brand have the proper alignment," says Wolfe. "We hope to do many more like this."



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