Don't Forget About the Customer Experience When Crafting an Email

Think about the customer experience when creating emails, said Placido Faranda, head of e-commerce at Acer EMEA, in a panel at the Email Insider Summit in Montreux, Switzerland.

Faranda recommended that marketers find ways to "reward and treat your customers" through email, in a panel called, "Rapid Fire Email: Tips and Tactics for Building a Great Email Program." 

On the panel, Aurelie Duplais, head of web marketing at Swiss digital agency Virtua SA, pointed out that, "it is sometimes difficult to make your customers feel special." To reactivate inactive customers and make them feel unique, she recommends sending a letter from the director or president of your company. The email should be personalized in style and tone. She says she has seen great reengagement through such emails. She also recommends doing surveys so that you can better understand your customers and better segment future mailings.

Matthias Fröhlicher, co-founder and director of Swiss shoe retailer KOALA SA, pointed out that there are many different types of emails and that marketers should think about the type of email -- promotion, newsletter, survey, etc. -- and not get lost with the need to push content. One of the good things that I have learned is that you need to understand the different mindsets of the emails, he said. 

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