BFG 9000 Knocks 'Em Dead At GoDaddy, Wins AOR Chores

Internet domain registrant GoDaddy has named Barton F. Graf 9000 as its U.S. advertising agency-of-record. The first creative from the New York-based agency -- known for its edgy humor and oddball style -- debuts in September and will include TV commercials, online ads, and digital assets. 

“We want to maintain our sense of humor while focusing on how GoDaddy’s services empower customers … and do it in a creative ways that speak to the ‘go getter’ inside of so many entrepreneurs and small business owners out there looking for an edge,” said Barb Rechterman, chief marketing officer, GoDaddy. “The Barton F. Graf team took a very strategic view of our brand and pitched innovative campaign ideas that were right on message … and had us all laughing.”



BFG’s ability to relate was key to landing the account. "They are very much like our customers," says Rechterman. "They are a small agency and have gone through many of the same struggles that our small business owners have gone through. They understand our problem statement because they have dealt with many of those issues. Their creative will pull from that understanding."

Although specific creative details are not being revealed, the campaign will revolve around how GoDaddy helps small business owners leverage the power of the Internet. 

Quirky and fun is key to GoDaddy's brand. BFG will continue to reposition GoDaddy away from its earlier controversial and risque campaigns. "We are a unique brand and part of the reason we selected [BFG] is they're unique. They create memorable and fun campaigns that make you say 'holy smoke'," says Rechterman. 

Spokesperson Danica Patrick will remain front-and-center. "We have grown up together. One of her uniquenesses is that people tell small business owners they will never make it and the odds are against them. Danica has gone through the same thing with people telling her she can't do something, so we find that small business owners find her very inspirational," says Rechterman. 

GoDaddy buys most of its advertising in-house, including print, network TV, and sporting events. However, while GoDaddy has advertised in the past 10 Super Bowl games, the company has not yet decided whether it will participate for its 11th straight year. "We analyze every media buy on its value. It is not out of the mix, and we will make a decision soon," says Rechterman.

Incumbent Deutsch, NY initially helped GoDaddy begin its brand shift from 2012 through this year's Super Bowl. GoDaddy’s most recent marquee marketing campaign featured a woman who followed her dream by quitting her engineering job to start her own puppetry business -- and did so on television, in front of 110 million Super Bowl viewers. "Deutsch did great work for us and not just on creative, but on research for our brand. They came up with our 'It's Go Time' tagline that we still use," says Rechterman. 

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