160over90 Gives Atlantic 10 Conference A Design Makeover

The Atlantic 10 Conference (A-10) is undergoing a makeover. Designed by creative services agency 160over90, this new identity includes a logo redesign, brand identity and an in-depth usage guide, a first for the A-10.

“The Atlantic 10 Conference has a proud and rich history, thus it was time to redesign our logo highlighting the strength, speed and commitment of this league,” says Commissioner Bernadette V. McGlade. “Our branding has been updated and modernized to keep pace with our membership. I love the versatility of the new marks, including the ability of our membership to utilize the conference logos in their own approved color palette.”

The final result represents an evolution of the A10’s brand identity: the new logo system honors the league’s historically strong performance record and national rankings, while lending a contemporary feel. Custom-made letterforms convey the conference’s level of athleticism and fast-paced play. Angled serifs act as speed lines, while the exaggerated slope of the ‘A' connotes advancement, almost pushing off of the page.



The new logos include the primary wordmark, secondary versions of that mark and a shield for non-traditional and social media usage. The refreshed logos tie into the lineage of the previous A-10 mark, while also incorporating revised colors of the league. 

160over90 drew upon previous work with the conference to help with this rebrand. Earlier this year, the Atlantic 10 and 160over90 combined to create the “Next” Campaign, which included the “Who Wants Next” two-minute television spot and microsite, which houses the video, social media content, and additional information about the brand initiative. Now, the new marks - incorporating imagery of speed and strength - are a direct reflection of the overall message developed during this “Next” campaign. 

"One of the main considerations in the course of the brand work was staying true to the Atlantic 10 conference and its proud history,” said Tim O’Donnell, Creative Director, 160over90. “We approached this as an evolution—not a revolution—of a logo system, and wanted to give a nod to the past while telling the ‘Next’ brand story."

160over90 has been working with the Atlantic 10 conference since September 2013. The agency employs more than 100 employees in offices Philadelphia, Newport Beach, CA, and Gainesville, FL. Agency clients include Under Armour, Nike, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Godiva, and recently, the agency completed an innovative ‘digital experience’ branding effort for Colgate University, which includes an interactive, motion-sensitive feature wall that plays a series of one-minute Colgate video spotlights.

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