Heineken Was "Liked" For Gay Pride Month

Heineken and its agency of record, Wieden + Kennedy, celebrated June's Gay Pride Month with the “Like for Love” campaign on Instagram that had a 1630% higher engagement rate than its yearly average.

Although #LikeForLove was a social campaign for Heineken USA, it generated global buzz, reports the brand.

This campaign used photos of real couples with individually colored backgrounds that were posted on Instagram. Then, the photo developed a heart, symbolizing their connection when users double tapped the image. At the same time, all six photos of the couples created an interactive, virtual Pride flag right in users’ feeds.

Heineken has been a longtime supporter of gay rights issues.

Last year, the brand and WK showed their support of the LGBTQ community after the Defense of Marriage Act was ruled unconstitutional by creating a rainbow colored map of the United States to inspire consumers to open their worlds and celebrate equality for all people. 



Then, due to limitations placed on LGBQT participation in the 2014 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City, Heineken USA decided that it would no longer sponsor the parade.

Ultimately, this campaign was designed as a creative way to support an important cause and communicate the Heineken brand idea of “Open Your World” with a new digital campaign. While #LikeforLove ended in June, WK and Heineken continue to introduce similar concepts supporting the “Open Your World” initiative via social media. 

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