Mobile Apps Used In-Store To Confirm or Find Alternatives

According to the CFI Group’s Retail Satisfaction Barometer, the use of mobile applications for shopping purposes doubled in the past year, with 41% of consumers actively using mobile apps to hunt for information while shopping. Mobile provides an additional channel for shoppers looking for the most convenient avenue to purchase relative to their lifestyle. Furthermore, the study found that checkout is the most impactful driver of the customer experience.



The report says that 67% of 18-34 year-olds use mobile apps during their shopping experience. While Millennials are typically the focus of retailers’ mobile efforts, most consumers of all ages indicated that they have two to four shopping apps installed, proving that mobile isn’t a generational-only trend

Overall, 41% of consumers reported using mobile applications while shopping in stores, almost double the proportion (21%) from last year. Prpensity to use apps while shopping was predictably higher among the 18-24 and 25-34  age groups. Mobile app users are currently leveraging them primarily to check other retailers’ prices and for coupons or discount offers, with many also checking product reviews and researching product information.

Mobile App Use While Shopping In-Store (% of Respondents by Age Group)

Age of Group

% of In-Store App Users















Source: CFI Group, July 2014

Terry Redding, vice president of sales and marketing at CFI Group, says “… with consumers’ demands to use mobile devices as a shopping tool, retailers must know how to connect with them digitally…”

Showrooming is among one of the many trends of how consumers shop today. Of those surveyed, 47% of mobile application usage is dedicated to checking product prices at competing retail brands. One way retailers currently engage digitally with their customers is by sending offers through their mobile devices. 45% of consumers redeem coupons and offers received via mobile.

The future of checkout is more than just using a mobile app or device for a quick and easy checkout, says the report. 51% of the survey respondents indicated they would be very likely to use mobile apps to speed-up the checkout process when they become available. Almost half of all participants reported that they would favor a store with advanced mobile capabilities, which would encourage them to shop with the retailer more, buy more per visit and even pay slightly more.

Redding concluded that “… mobile applications allow… retailers to engage with customers whenever and wherever they are… to receive tailored communications… to see that retailers are showing an interest… (and) for quick accessibility and convenience…”

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  1. Howie Goldfarb from Blue Star Strategic Marketing, July 14, 2014 at 11:33 a.m.

    Without seeing the actual study questions, and without a frequency stat this study tells us nothing. Are 41% always using mobile apps when shopping? Or just 1x per month?

    And to be honest not sure a phone can be much faster than using a credit card to check out unless the store is shifting the extra work to the consumer which normally we rejected. Mobile could make checkout easier but would it mean I have to enter data into my phone vs just putting stuff in a cart or bringing to a counter and having the store do all the work?

    Very important questions and my guess is CFI didn't ask the right ones.

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