DigitasLBi Campaign Shows How Design Can Influence Business Results

Advertising's importance in driving business is illustrated in the new “Better Business by Design” exhibit at the Design Museum Boston, running from July 17-October 6. The show highlights how Massachusetts companies have used innovative design to influence business results – be it product design, creative, user experience, or interior design/architecture. 

Twelve companies in total were selected to be a part of the exhibition, including Bank of America, Ideo, Essential, Zipcar, Korn Design and iRobot. 

DigitasLBi is the only Massachusetts-based advertising agency with work featured at this exhibit, though there’s also a couple outside agencies who worked with the local companies being featured. DigitasLBi's contribution came from redesigning Cessna’s website last year, leading to millions of dollars in sales.



“The exciting challenge for us was re-introducing our work with Cessna to a new audience through this exhibit," says John Pendleton, VP/Director of Creative, DigitasLBi. "We partnered closely with Design Museum Boston to come up with how best to represent our work through images and text on a static 2D wall. The museum also had the idea of including a tablet in the panel that shows Cessna.com live, allowing museum visitors to interact and engage with the web site, which we loved.”

The free exhibit - sponsored by the Design Management Institute - emphasizes innovation and creativity. The selected companies were chosen based on the impact of design on their business, as well as name recognition to attract interested visitors. This year, however, the museum has added additional content and case studies exponentially increasing the impact of the exhibition. "All of the data has been updated and we've increased the depth of the research," says Cory de Pasquale, Program Manager, Design Museum Boston. "We have an all-new name, and a beautiful space provided by The Innovation and Design Building and Jamestown."

Still, selected companies were eager to participate with this opportunity. "The main challenge for this exhibition was collecting the data from companies and assembling it in a meaningful way," says de Pasquale. "We had to verify the information with each feature as we went, but the companies were more than happy to provide us with the resources to do a meaningful feature on them."

Meanwhile, among the 12 spotlighted businesses, DigitasLBi and four others will also present their case studies at the Museum’s conference on August 6.

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