Future Plc Launches 'Global Programmatic Exchange' With Rubicon

Future plc., a London-based media corporation, has tapped Rubicon Project to launch a global ad exchange for programmatic trading.

The ad exchange will include inventory from all of Future’s major brands, including Tech Radar, PC Gamer and Total Film, per a release. Future claims it reaches over 50 million international consumers per month across desktop and mobile.

“We see automated advertising as one of the most important trends facing media groups, and are glad to be working with Rubicon Project to offer audience-based, data rich inventory to premium buyers,” stated Gerson Barnett, director of programmatic and third-party revenues at Future.

Rubicon has struck partnerships similar to this one before. The ad tech firm helped News Corp. launch a global programmatic exchange last summer and partnered with Turner to launch a private ad exchange in the fall.



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